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Fans Rejoice at Ai Kago’s “Latest Bikini Photo of a Luxury Brand!

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Currently, she is active in many fields, including live performances and TV personality.

Ai Kago, 34, a former Morning Musume。 Ai Kago (34), a former Morning Musume member and TV personality, posted her latest bikini shots on her Instagram.

Kago posted “Chilling wiz my kids” and showed her family on a trip. She also uploaded a relaxing shot of herself relaxing on the beach wearing a bikini by luxury brand FENDI. She showed off her stunning proportions, and her fans praised her style.

She showed off her outstanding style in a mature and chic swimsuit (本人のインスタグラム@ai.1988kgより).

Kago married a restaurant owner in 2011 and had her first daughter the following June; in August 2016, she announced her second marriage to the president of a beauty company, and in February 2017, her first son was born. In addition to her activities as a TV personality, Kago is also active in a wide range of other areas, including her first live distribution live on her YouTube channel “Kago Channel” in February of this year.

Unlike other mama celebrities, Kago rarely posts photos of her children or anything related to her parenting on Instagram. Her career orientation is apparent as she posts photos of luxury hotel girls’ parties with entrepreneurs and influencers. She is the opposite of Nozomi Tsuji (35), who had a unit called “W (Double You),” and is active as a mamatare (mother).

Recently, however, she has been posting more and more various posts on her blog and Twitter, such as cosplay photos and photos taken at the end of gym workouts. Fans must be happy to see Kago’s private side, including this time in a bathing suit,” says an entertainment writer.

(Entertainment writer) “What side of Kago will she show her fans in the future? We can’t take our eyes off of Kago.

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