Amid whispers of a hiatus… Teruyuki Kagawa makes a “surprising reversal move | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Amid whispers of a hiatus… Teruyuki Kagawa makes a “surprising reversal move

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Kagawa’s apology video was shown on “THE TIME,” the first broadcast since the announcement of his resignation, on September 2. He gave the reason for his resignation, saying, “I have decided that it is not appropriate for me to appear as host of the show.

Teruyuki Kagawa (56), who has been rocked by the issue of sexually assaulting hostesses, is now at a major crossroads.

On September 1, TOYOTA, the sponsor of the commercial in which Kagawa appears, announced that the commercial would not be broadcast. TOYOTA commented on the decision, saying, “We have heard that the settlement has been made.

We have heard that a settlement has been reached, but what has been done is a fact. We have taken this decision after considering a number of factors. We have made this decision after considering various factors.

The company also announced that it had signed a contract with Kagawa. In addition, he announced that he would not renew Kagawa’s contract with TOYOTA after the end of the year.

On the same day, it was also decided that Kagawa would be leaving “THE TIME,” a TBS program that he hosts. Alinamin Pharmaceuticals, which had aired a commercial featuring Kagawa, also announced that its promotional contract had expired. In effect, the commercials were terminated.

The victim and Kagawa have reached a settlement regarding the sexual assault of a hostess in Ginza. Therefore, when the incident was first discovered, some people reacted, ‘Why rehash a past story now? In fact, the commercial sponsors only responded, “We will consider how to respond.

However, the tide turned when the complaints continued to come in, and the September 1 issue of “Shukan Shincho” reported the assault on a Ginza club mama with photos. Furthermore, “Shukan Bunshun” released on the same day reported violence against a drama production staff member and power harassment of a former manager. No matter how much it is in the past, if so many damage confessions continue, the world’s reaction will change. It was probably an unavoidable decision for the sponsors and TV stations.

Kagawa continues to appear on “Roppongi Class” (TV Asahi) and “Teruyuki Kagawa’s Insects Are Amazing! (NHK), as well as commercials for three companies. However, there is a strong possibility that the broadcast of these programs will be cancelled or he will be dropped from them as well.

Kagawa is now at a crossroads in his entertainment activities due to the troubles he has brought upon himself. However, Kagawa has an unexpected “reversal of fortune.

She is now in a difficult position in the TV industry. Kagawa is now in a difficult position in the TV industry, but he is essentially a Kabuki actor. He has a father, Eno Ichikawa (82), who assumed the name of Ichikawa Chuguruma in 2012 at the age of 46. He made a spectacular debut with his son Danko Ichikawa (18). In a world where the idea that “playing with women is a fertilizer for one’s art” still persists, the timing of this event was perfect for Kagawa to sing a complete song. At this point in time, Kagawa may concentrate completely on the Kabuki world.

But, of course, this does not mean that he will be welcomed with open arms. In addition to the recent scandals, Kagawa, who originally entered the Kabuki world in his forties, has never had a large presence in the nashien. Even so, he still has the ability to bring in customers. He may take this opportunity to put his focus on the world of Kabuki and spend some time sincerely reflecting on himself and his art,” says a source close to the pears garden.

Kagawa’s annual contract fee with TOYOTA is said to range from 100 million yen to 300 million yen at the most. It is said that Kagawa will have to pay a huge penalty for this scandalous act. The cost of his selfishness was too great.

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